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Your partner in brand ascension.

Prose Style is brand strategy, visual design, copy writing, market research, and consulting with decades of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands and innovative companies.

Prose Style helps purpose-driven businesses and visionary industry disruptors win through powerful branding, creating compelling visual identities, defining brand voice and messaging, and delivering effective marketing strategies. 

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We Specialize in...

...empowering purpose-driven businesses and visionary industry disruptors to achieve success through powerful branding initiatives. Our comprehensive suite of services includes brand strategy, branding and rebranding, brand naming and taglines, positioning and messaging, brand story and purpose, logo design, brand identity design, brand style guides, branded touch points, website design, app design, packaging design, digital marketing, copywriting, and brand management.

Our team is dedicated to helping your brand stand out in today's competitive landscape by creating compelling visual identities, defining brand voice and messaging, and delivering effective marketing strategies tailored to your unique goals and objectives.


Our Mission...

Prose Style's mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to unlock their full potential through captivating brand narratives, innovative design solutions, and strategic marketing strategies.


We are committed to helping our clients stand out in their industries, connect with their target audiences on a deeper level, and achieve lasting success.


Through our collaborative approach and relentless pursuit of excellence, we strive to elevate brands to new heights and make a meaningful impact in the world of branding and design.

Are You Ready for Your Brand to Ascend?

What is a Prose Style Brand?

With over 15 years of honing time-tested systems and frameworks, Prose Style is my distinctive approach, harnessing the power of brand strategy, psychology, and identity development to propel entrepreneurs toward unparalleled success.

Brand Strategy: At the core of the Prose Style Brand lies a meticulously crafted strategy that lays the groundwork for success. Through comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, competitive dynamics, and business opportunities, entrepreneurs gain invaluable insights. Clear goals, actionable plans, and well-defined strategies provide entrepreneurs with a strategic advantage, setting them on a path to triumph.


Brand Voice: Delving deep into the intricacies of consumer behavior, emotions, and perception, Prose Style unlocks the key to forging meaningful connections. By gaining a profound understanding of their target audience, their desires, and the emotional resonance they seek from brands, entrepreneurs can create authentic brand identities, messaging, stories, and experiences. Leveraging brand psychology, entrepreneurs can establish powerful connections that resonate with their customers on a profound level.


Brand Identity + Website Design: A compelling visual presence, rooted in your business strategy and brand narrative, is paramount in today's competitive landscape. Our team specializes in crafting unique brand personas and websites that encapsulate your brand vision, values, and objectives. From developing your brand identity to designing captivating websites, we infuse every project with our signature touch of creativity and innovation.




I'm Jessica Belair, Brand Strategist, Designer, and Creative Director 

With over 10 years of experience as a Brand Designer, Strategist, and Creative Director, I have developed a keen eye for creating successful brand identities that resonate with audiences.

My expertise in brand strategy, creative direction, and graphic design has allowed me to deliver impactful and memorable brands across various industries. I have a proven track record of leading and mentoring design teams (internally and externally) to achieve outstanding results while maintaining brand consistency.

I am passionate about finding innovative solutions to complex branding challenges and thrive on delivering projects that exceed expectations, and ascend brands that shine.

Jessica Belair, Prose Style
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