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Biometric Technology

A well-established biometric company with a 33-year legacy embarked on a significant transformation, marked by the introduction of a new CEO, an overhauled executive management team, and an emphasis on positioning the company for a acquisition.






Consultant & Tech

Type of Work

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Creative Direction, Website, Web Portal, App Design

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Imageware Cards.png

At the Board of Director’s behest, the CEO brought in a prominent branding agency, investing six figures for their services. While initially involved in internal coordination, it became evident that the agency was struggling and causing delays.

In response, I took the reins, leading my nimble team to rescue the project. With a blend of strategic direction and hands-on design, we orchestrated a successful rebranding effort in less than two months.

The entirety of this project stands as a testament to my expertise in strategy and design.

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