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Prose Style AR Agency Brand

Boutique Brand &
Web Designer

helping businesses grow through brand strategy and
visual storytelling


Prose Style is a strategy-centric design agency.
We brand your business authentically to create a magnet for your ideal client.


Together, we dream, strategize, plan, devise and communicate through the specialized lens of design. 

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Your brand is more than just a logo.
And, your business name should complete the picture not start it.

Does your brand tell a story?

The most potent brands emerge from the fusion of strategy, narrative and design. These elements intertwine, fortifying each other.


Through their harmonious integration, your brand achieves distinction. With design anchored in strategic vision, it solidifies its identity.

Paige Kunkle Designs Rebrand
project logo

Prose Style has been instrumental in enhancing my executive visibility. Jessica's expertise in crafting a compelling brand narrative and designing a visually appealing online presence has truly made a difference. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect of the branding process. I highly recommend Prose Style for anyone seeking to elevate their executive visibility and personal brand.

Shelly Cofini | Chief Strategy Officer | Redy

Work with Me in 3 Steps


Brand Strategist & Designer

Guiding thought leaders to synchronize their brand with their vision to drive meaningful impact.

With over two decades of expertise, I specialize in brand strategy, having collaborated with renowned multi-national brands such as Louis Vuitton, Porsche, General Mills, and others.

Transitioning from designing innovative apps for prominent brands and tech startups, my journey evolved into creating brand identities for diverse small businesses, particularly in the tech and luxury sectors.

My focus lies in assisting experts in high-end services, who face challenges in brand recognition and loyalty, to construct compelling narratives and visually striking identities. Through this, I empower them to fortify their market presence and establish authority in their respective industries.

Jessica Belair
Jessica Belair Beverly Hills

Your brand is your authority, it deserves bespoke strategy and customized design for authenticity.

Prose Style Brand Vendiagram

Your brand isn't just a name. It's the beating heart at the center of your values, mission, purpose, and vision, guiding every step of your journey.

Hello, we're snappy, punchy, Prose Style 

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