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Technology and Security

Distinctive Branding and Artful Design that POPS!

With over a decade of hands-on experience in innovative technology product management, marketing, and design, I bring a wealth of expertise to the realm of technology and security branding.


I understand the critical importance of creating brands that not only inspire confidence but also convey reliability and cutting-edge innovation. Leveraging my comprehensive understanding of both technology and security domains, I specialize in designing strategic branding solutions that resonate with audiences, instill trust, and position your brand as a leader in the ever-changing tech landscape.


Whether it's developing compelling brand narratives or designing visually striking brand assets, I am committed to helping your technology and security brand thrive in a dynamic and competitive market environment.

Security Leader Positioning
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Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Messaging | Website Design | Thought Leader Positioning

Arganda Group's re-brand represents a strategic endeavor to redefine its identity and market positioning.


Through close collaboration and strategic guidance, we assisted in crafting a brand identity that embodies innovation, expertise, and a commitment to tailored solutions. By leveraging our expertise in brand strategy and design, we refined Arganda Group's messaging and visual elements to align seamlessly with their core values and differentiate them in the competitive landscape of security and investigations.


The re-branding process aimed to elevate Arganda Group's brand presence, strengthen their market position, and establish them as a trusted leader in the industry.

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Security and Technology
Technology Business Cards

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Messaging | Website Design 

A well-established biometric company with a 33-year legacy embarked on a significant transformation, marked by the introduction of a new CEO, an overhauled executive management team, and an emphasis on positioning the company for a acquisition.

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Biometric Technology Website

At the Board of Director’s behest, the CEO brought in a prominent branding agency, investing six figures for their services. While initially involved in internal coordination, it became evident that the agency was struggling and causing delays.

In response, I took the reins, leading my nimble team to rescue the project. With a blend of strategic direction and hands-on design, we orchestrated a successful rebranding effort in less than two months.

The entirety of this project stands as a testament to my expertise in strategy and design.

Brand Messaging
App & Portal Design
Portal & App
App & Portal Design
Security and Technology
Horizon Helix Brand

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Messaging | Website Design | Print Design

Horizon Helix, a cybersecurity and IT management company, embodies their commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of their vision, we have crafted a brand that reflects their expertise, reliability, and forward-thinking approach. From logo design to brand messaging, each element of the Horizon Helix brand reflects our shared dedication to creating a lasting impact in the cybersecurity and IT management space.

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